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​How to transfer PI coins

Please follow the steps below to activate Pi Coin Wallet

​Set up PI wallet

​Set up PI wallet After completing the first four items of the mainnet list, you can go to the lower right corner of the Pi APP, search for the mainnet information, and complete them in sequence 1. Download Pi Browser (Pi Browser) 2. Create Pi Wallet (Pi Wallet) 3. Confirm Pi wallet private key (wallet password) 4. Lockup settings ​Please refer to the video operation

Complete KYC

To complete the KYC real-name system, please follow the steps below 1. "Wait" to receive the KYC notification ​ 2. Submit KYC information 3. "Waiting" for the KYC review result 4. If the review fails, "wait" to resubmit (Resubmit) ​ 5. After the review is passed, the wallet can be mapped to the main network ​Please refer to the video and picture operation


​Start mainnet wallet

​To activate the mainnet wallet, please follow the steps below to complete 1. Complete the seventh mapping mainnet protocol in the Pi APP mainnet list ​2. "Wait" for the wallet to be mapped to the main network ​ 3. After the wallet is mapped to the main network, you can receive Pi coins 4. Wait another 14 days to transfer the unlocked Pi coins ​Please refer to the video and pictures


Transfer Pi coins

To transfer Pi coins, please follow the steps below to complete 1. Go to Pi Browser to open Wallet.pi (Pi wallet) ​2. Enter a private key consisting of a group of 24 characters into the wallet (or enter with biometrics) 3. To receive Pi coins, click Receive and copy the public key to the other party 4. To transfer Pi coins, click Send, enter the public key of the other party, the amount to be transferred, and click Send ​Please refer to the video (The video takes the test network as an example, please switch to the main network for real transactions)

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