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Mini integrates Pi merchant leaders and is committed to assisting the ideal of Pi Network, so this website was created to realize the barter ecology of cryptocurrencies

And create a 100,000 why community of Pi coins, sort out many Pi-related questions, and assist those who are new to Pi and those who don't know much about Pi.

If you see my efforts, you are willing to support me to continue to empower this ecology, and you can also donate unlimited Pi coins to let me maintain this website, thank you

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Charity donation area

​ In order to help more disadvantaged groups, the donation area will change the donation unit from time to time

The amount of donated Pi coins is settled once a month, and donated to the unit after cashing out. If the monthly donation amount does not exceed NT$5,000, it will be moved to the next month to settle the donation.


The drug-free agricultural platform mainly sells safe fruits. In 2016, after discovering the fruit demand of nurseries, they began to use their own resources to help nurseries solve the problem of fruit shortage. During this process, we discovered:

  • In addition to stable supplies, nursery children need companionship and love

  • The demand for CSR reports from Taiwanese companies is increasing year by year

Because of the above two findings, non-toxic farmers decided not only to sell and donate fruit to kindergartens, but also to use their own resources to match enterprises and disadvantaged groups to organize food farming education, production area adoption and other activities to help small farmers and bring disadvantaged people. Good memories of the group, practice the concept of a friendly environment and a friendly society, and create intangible value other than output value for the enterprise

Why are 100,000 Pi coins
Knowledge contribution reward area

Once in the 100,000 why community of Pi coins

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